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Priority Caskets Announces Same-Day Delivery Service to New York City and New Jersey

Priority Casket appeals to customers with value pricing, concierge-level service and guaranteed same-day casket delivery

New York City, NY / April 30, 2013 / PRNewswire – Priority Caskets today announced the company now offers their acclaimed same-day service on caskets for sale in New York City, New Jersey and nearby communities. Priority Caskets has made a name for itself with fast, dependable service direct to customers, featuring a full range of high quality caskets for sale at wholesale prices. They have also distinguished their brand by offering concierge-level service to assist customers throughout the funeral process.

Same-day delivery is an uncommon courtesy in the casket industry and offers additional benefits beyond simply rapid fulfillment. Those customers with even the strictest schedules have a place to turn to for dependable service: same-day delivery ensures there is ample time to inspect the casket and prepare it for the funeral service. Extra time and added dependability can be a welcome comfort to customers at a time when emotions are raw and worrying over logistics is a particular burden.

Priority Caskets also offers the added value of concierge-level service to all customers. Most people purchasing a casket are doing so for the first time and are unfamiliar with the market and their rights as consumers. This unfamiliarity makes finding value difficult. Add to that the emotions involved and this becomes a transaction with a high potential for fraud if the wrong vendor is chosen. A recent story from Brooklyn highlights the potential for abuse from funeral homes who prey upon grieving customers.

Priority Caskets' concierge service informs customers of their rights, guides them through the process, and even advises regarding funeral logistics following delivery. The company's customer care specialists are on call 24/7; this is the type of dedicated customer care that can make all the difference in managing a challenging ordeal. Now for the first time, casket buyers in New York and New Jersey have this resource available to them.

Priority Caskets has a full range of caskets for sale along with other funeral products, with an emphasis on exceptional value. High quality offerings include fine wood models, 20-gauge steel caskets, over-sized and smaller models, and caskets appropriate for all faiths and customizable per request. Prices are wholesale with no funeral home mark-up. Orders for caskets to New York City and New Jersey can be placed online – product descriptions and direct customer care can be found at the Priority Caskets website.

About Priority Caskets:

Priority Caskets is a leading independent wholesale casket distributor, servicing customers with caskets for sale in the New York City/New Jersey area.  Priority Caskets sells direct to consumers and the company's service focus is on the specialized needs of customers preparing for a funeral, including informing them of their full rights as mandated by the FTC's “Funeral Rule.” Priority Caskets is committed to delivering quality caskets at outstanding value, with same-day delivery available to local destinations.



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